Hi there! Welcome to dates with Lara!

I’m Lara! An architect & interior designer from Jordan, which technically is far away from the culinary field though this is not what I think. Cooking is as creative as designing a beautiful interior space. In both, I experiment and try many options before finding this harmony that makes me fall in love with the result. I’m a self-taught cook. I have never studied this in any school or got any training, except once I went to this Christmas decoration one-day class at the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts in Amman.

I just love to look through cook books, food blogs and tasting new dishes from all around the world, which gives me inspiration. Trying the recipes and adding my own touch is something that comes naturally with me, I just follow my gut and my taste buds. I feel that I always have something to add to a new recipe to make it a real art piece. This came after many trials-and-errors .. and not giving up on something I enjoy.

When it comes to food and cooking, I have almost an appetite for anything specially sea food..yumm! I love all kind of food, the salt, the sweet, the bitter and the sour. Experimenting new recipes with a unique combination of ingredients is something I enjoy the most. One more fact about me, I don’t eat apples they make me sick! Yet, apple desserts are my favorites.

Some of my favorite things are  dates (duhh), sea food and tea. I am a huge tea drinker and collector. When I travel, my first thing to buy from that country is tea! I love experimenting with new tea blends and tea brands.

I think for now you know the most important things about me. I am sure by time you will get to know more.

So .. Welcome to my world and welcome to my recipe book.