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Decadent Cheesecake Brownies

Fudgy-rich chocolate brownies loaded with a creamy cheesecake mix swirled with chocolate chips to create a decadent treat for any cheesecake-brownie lover. Their ooey-gooey texture is what makes them something to die for.

I know I’ve been away for a long time without feeding you with new recipes but I had so much things going on in my life that kept me away for a while. All good stuff, don’t worry. The good news is that I’m back with more delicious recipes and yummy treats.

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Holidays/ Spring Recipes

Italian Easter Bread Nests

Known as Pane di Pasqua, which is basically soft fragrant Italian Easter bread nests! They’re slightly sweet with a generous amount of orange zest! Perfect to enjoy for breakfast or brunch on Easter day!

Italian Easter bread nests

Have you seen a happier-looking bread?

I’m finally back and loaded with a lot of fun & yummy recipes! I apologize for not posting for almost two weeks but I had my reasons and I am sorry! So let me make it up for you and wow you with this out-of-this-world Italian Easter brioche bread!

Easter is here and although I didn’t get to share this recipe with you before but better late than never, right?

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Fall Recipes/ Quick & easy/ Spring Recipes/ Summer Recipes/ Winter Recipes

Four Seasons of Hummus

Four homemade seasonal creamy hummus recipes that are loaded with so much flavor! They’re quick, easy, naturally vegan & gluten-free. The perfect nutritious snack to go with some veggies, pita or naan bread!

hummus recipe

Yup! You heard me right! I’m bringing you not one, not two… but FOUR hummus recipes for you to make depending on the season!

Hummus is an oriental middle-eastern dish that has been created for God knows how many years ago. Recently, it’s getting a lot of popularity in some parts of the world for its delicious taste and healthy nutrients. In Jordan, Hummus has been known since the beginning of life on this country! And it’s one of the most popular, traditional, close-to-everyone’s-heart dish! By this I mean, if we don’t have hummus all week, we must be having it for Friday breakfasts! Well, here, Friday is usually family day. All the family gathers around for a delicious traditional breakfast, or lunch. But believe me when I tell you: Hummus is always there, it’s a favorite on the Jordanian table.

If I can show you the queues of people standing in line in front of hummus restaurants you wouldn’t believe it! Haha!

Bottom line: Jordanians are huge HUMMUS-ERS!

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Main Dishes/ Spring Recipes

Beef and Broccoli Stir-fry Bowl

A Chinese better-than-takeout version of beef and broccoli. Tender juicy beef and perfectly crisp broccoli! 1 pan, 10 minutes to prepare and 15 minutes to cook! It doesn’t get easier!

beef and broccoli bowl

Have you ever been craving Chinese food on a Thursday night but you didn’t feel like going out? Or your go-to Chinese place doesn’t do deliveries? Well, you’re not the only one! Good news is that this recipe is the answer!

This beef & broccoli recipe is quite easy & quick! You’re probably now scrolling down to check the ingredients and might be thinking “Liar, this is neither easy NOR quick!” Trust me, IT IS! It might look a bit long but it’s funny how easy it is! Another plus for this recipe is that you won’t end up with a lot of dishes to wash because you don’t need more than 1 pan! Perfect for a lazy end-of-week day!

1 pan, 10 mins to prepare, 15 mins to cook, and the result is:

Better-than-takeout meal! HOORAAY!

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Desserts/ Spring Recipes

Pomegranate Cranberry Glazed Tart

Out-of-this-world flaky shortbread crust that’s paired with silky Baileys pastry cream. This tart is pomegranate cranberry glazed and topped with fresh pomegranate aerials. This recipe is HAPPINESS itself!

Pomegranate cranberry glazed tart recipe

Happiness IS a piece of cake! .. or TART!

Tarts with custard filling and fruits are basically one of my favorite desserts. But this tart has definitely got a special place in my heart! And the fact that it is so simple and easy makes me wonder “why haven’t I thought of it before?” Believe me when I tell you this tart is SOOO GOOD that you have to stop yourself from eating the third slice in one sitting. You stick your fork into your slice and an instant smile is put on your face! Works like magic! Try it with a grumpy friend, lol.

Try this tart recipe and you definitely will thank me for introducing you to each other. I have created this recipe because of my true unconditional love for pomegranates. I just can’t get enough of them!! You know, eating them on top of some good goat cheese, a wheel of baked brie, in a main dish or even alone, wasn’t enough for me. I wanted pomegranates for dessert as well!

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Quick & easy/ Salad/ Spring Recipes

Beetroot Salad with Pomegranate Molasses

A standout minimal salad with winter colorful ingredients that will brighten your day. Perfect for lunch or as a side dish or even on those nights where you’re not in the mood for meat.

Beetroot salad, a standout minimal salad with winter colorful ingredients that will brighten your day. Perfect for lunch or as a side dish or even on those nights where you’re not in the mood for meat.

Have you ever woken up in the morning and thought “Today I want to eat this”? I do! Please don’t judge me for waking up thinking of food. If this happens to you please let me know that I’m not the only one! Well last week I woke up thinking: “I want to eat a salad. A salad that includes spinach & beetroot, maybe I’ll add walnuts and goat cheese, or feta, hmm… or maybe labaneh balls? OK I’ll experiment! And I want also to add pomegranate aerials … or molasses? OK, maybe both. I’ll see”

This was basically the conversation that I had with my salad-craving-self first thing in the morning!

Let me tell you about this salad, my friends! I’m the kind of person who loves all four seasons and appreciate them all. But I would like to protest about winter. Seriously! I think it shouldn’t be that long! Maybe just 10 days of winter around the holidays and then … boom… HELLO SPRING! Hello sun! well, let me tell you this! You can have your colorful joyful sunny days back eating this ultimate deliciousness bowl during winter.

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Fall Recipes/ Quick & easy/ Winter Recipes

Pomegranate Cranberry Baked Brie

A fool-proof fancy simple appetizer to wow your guests in 10 minutes. It’s an absolute crowd pleaser! I’m warning you, you’ll probably want to make it all year round! Don’t say I didn’t tell you! Say .. Cheeeeese!!

Pomegranate Cranberry Baked Brie

Can I just tell you how much I’m addicted to cheese? I am lactose intolerant and cannot stop eating cheese! I just can’t!! In fact, I would never imagine anyone who’s not obsessed with it! Though these people surprisingly exist!

Actually, one of my friends can’t stand cheese! I know!! What a shock! Once, I took her cheese tasting with me to pick out some cheese for a party we were throwing. I didn’t know that she hated cheese at that time until in the middle of the tasting she told me she can’t taste anymore!! Who would say that about cheese? But hey .. I always look at the bright side. This means I did the tasting for both of us!! Mwa ha ha haa!

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Quick & easy/ Winter Recipes

One Hour French Bread

Your perfect loaf of bread in an hour. Crispy crust on the outside, soft & tender and on the inside! Fabulous alone, with soup or bruschetta. Takes one hour from start to finish!

Your perfect loaf of bread in an hour. Crispy crust rust on the outside, soft & tender and on the inside! Fabulous alone, with soup or bruschetta. Takes one hour from start to finish!

There’s nothing better than a warm loaf of bread coming out of your oven on a cold snowy morning… or honestly any day! The past three days here in Amman were freezing! It’s that dry frosty harsh kind of cold. The beginning of this week was snowy for the first time this year. It usually snows here more than once a year but I think global warming is to blame for that!

The cold days always make me crave soups and freshly baked goods: bread, cakes, brownies, warm cookies, anything hot is heaven to me! So I thought it wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t share my favorite bread recipe with you guys!

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Main Dishes/ Spring Recipes/ Summer Recipes

One Pot Thai Shrimps With Coconut Sauce

A scrumptious fast and easy dish that’s colorful for the eyes, an experience with flavors for the mouth and .. well good for the soul I believe. All in one pot of these Thai shrimps with coconut sauce & a hint of lemon grass to give it this irresistible Thai flavor. 
Insanely delicious shrimps in a silky creamy coconut milk sauce with a hint of lemon grass & ginger

Since the start of this new year, I’ve been working on having a healthier food choices. This was not because it’s “the trend of this time”, nor because I want to lose weight or get fit. I thought of this because recently, I noticed that with selecting better food choices, I have a better digestion and feel good during the day and night. Seriously!!It affects my energy, efficiency and even my mood throughout the day. Trust me when I tell you that the quality of food affects all of this. Four years ago, I had known that I was lactose intolerant due to some digestion discomfort, and after running some tests I switched to lactose free options through which I have seen a huge impact on my daily life and how I function. Seeing the results encouraged me to listen to what’s my body is trying to tell me.

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Main Dishes/ Summer Recipes

Healthy Cauliflower Rice

Light & fluffy grated cauliflower florets, sauteed with some coconut oil. Takes less than 10 minutes to be ready. Can replace rice or couscous in almost any dish. The best thing is that it’s QUICK, HEALTHY & LOW CARB!

sauteed cauliflower rice in a bowl with some red peppers and lemons for garnish

About four or five months ago I was introduced at a restaurant to a delicious healthy gem that would be a perfect substitute to rice. Guessed it? Yes, it’s cauliflower rice!

Arabs are huge fans of rice; for us, if the meal didn’t include rice it would be considered as a snack! But even though, this dish amazed me somehow.

Maybe because the day I tried it for the first time I wanted something light to go with my green curry chicken and this seemed a good side dish. Plus I wanted to eat something though I wasn’t too hungry – which is ALWAYS my case, but you know  … eating is a habit I’m always working to embrace.

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